Hannah-Lee Jade brings many experimental processes into her designs. Her innovative textile use blends conceptual style with timelessness. A variety of natural forms inspired the pattern cutting that lead to a different approach to wearable clothing. 

Nature is a common thread. The designs have explored the hierarchy between nature and humans, this concept is applied through the use of interesting fabrics and sustainable production. Recurring themes of the freedom of imagination, a fluidity of thought and reality are seen in the designs.

Sustainability is essential. H-LJ make use of materials such as hemp and end of line fabrics for ensuring an eco friendly collection. This is visually represented by the face silhouette,  ‘two-minds meeting’, a reference to a greater consciousness needed in order to assess the earth’s ecological balance. 

Stepping away from season based collections. The idea of a collection designed to be worn in any season, through the innovative use of materials and clever designs that are easily combined for comfort and unique aesthetic.

A Wabi Sabi approach.  Designs are carefully crafted following a composition influenced by the Japanese philosophy that shares an intuitive appreciation of transient beauty in the physical world.